The Tantric Magic With Amelia

Here I transcribe verbatim my response to a journalist after asking him to read some of my writings. Sandra wants to make a note about tantric massages.




Hi Sandra! I’ll answer on your questions …. How you discovered tantric creative art, how you got it, if you are based in other massage techniques, if you follow the Chinese meridians, chakras and channels more intuitive?

As I read on my resume I trained in different tantric massage techniques, the most significant for me was the ayurvedic massage which I instructed in India. The first two years or so, faithfully respected the art but had come to hand regarding the words of Osho on tantric massage and both longed to reach the state of love, communion, expanding orgasmic state talking my teacher finally one day I let the art and let myself flow with the heart. Invoking the divinity in each session, offering as a channel, feeling the body that was playing was sacred and that it was beyond his Divine essence.
And so, without noticing my Tantric Space was transformed, each session was unique, new situations arise each time maneuvers, rhythms, too quiet, all I felt let him be, and this remains so.

Meridians And Chakras In Tantric Massage

When I do Tantric Massage my hands go alone where they want and how they want and I do not question. I trust. I know you are, the more there is no script to follow.
I went so crazy with these treatments, my hands and / or my body often enter an unknown motion and my mind wondered …

I tell you I’m a vehicle in what I do, all knowledge is printed in eternity, is when we empty that connect with it. Man did not create anything. I’m sure that in the world there are people who do the same as me, with her own perfume, this is only one of each that makes the difference and makes it wonderful.
I also think the Tantric Massage website is not exclusive to anyone, there are so many massages as people surrender to him. In any case it would be John Doe tantric massage or which school.

Tantra – The Deeper Meaning

When I teach Tantric Massage, I strongly emphasized that respect the art, which incidentally is abundant, because students want to fly pigeons, but additional reading the point is that the technique improved we become improvised. Time to grow you must be, developed as it is, requires a lot of experience and mature experience of Tantric Massage.

Healing Is On The Way!

Not forgetting that mistakes are part of learning, remembering to maintain alertness in observing ourselves and grow awareness and in addition be learning, growth and transformation.

You see, I’m doing Tantric Massage with open heart.

I hope you serve and will serve others. I trust that you will use this site to learn the message of love, with love. Thank you!

How Long Is A Tantric Massage Session And Do You Use Oils?

Between 1 and 2 hours – more details here , depending on what the person agreed. However, if we choose X will time and need to extend it, I do.  No stopping abruptly because a Tantric Massage session is completed the stipulated time. An hour and a half, is a good time.
Working with petroleum jelly is as safe there. Oils have acidic components and sensitive or allergic skin generates them drawbacks. When I use oil for certain Tantric Massage preparations is the sweet almond, cold pressed, in these cases we talk to the client. I also like to use flower essences or bark or different healing herbs. Sometimes they work in dry,  i.e bare hands. So time before or after the meeting talk and see what answers to your consultants.
Of course, before starting, especially in the early Tantric Massage sessions speaks some of the basics, lay the foundation, then you may need to talk, depends on the experience of each. However, it is best not to talk much later, giving time for the “job” is seated at the next meeting and I discuss it. On the other hand it is important to generate a time to the knowledge of who is who, relax armor, look us in the eyes. So be gaining confidence and this is what makes it possible to deliver.

The answer varies with each person, could write a book.
I have been told …
From the day I was born, nobody ever touched me like you!
Never before felt such pleasure in my life, and making love!
A girl once told me: as I would a man touch me like that!
Another said, made me feel so beautiful! I never felt so much love!
Anyway, I have received many gifts!
They sent me letters that moved me to tears.
There are also people who say nothing. Other joints or weep or cry alone I am moved and others seem not vibrated him nor the smallest particle.